Dobaev I.


The article is concerned with emergence and evolutionary development of the term “holy war” (jihad) in Islam. There is an intrinsic interpretation of this phenomenon in early Islam and also evolutionary changes in its understanding over the next centuries. There are offered some typologies of jihad. There are considered parameters of its understanding by representatives of orthodox Islam, and then ideologists of radical Islam (Islamism). It is proved that theorists of radical Islamism peculiar define traditional sources of Islam, perceiving Quranic verses at face value, excessively expanding a circle of so-called “enemies of Islam,” applying to them takfir. Ideologists of radical Takfirism demand implementation of their unreasonable claims practically, implementation against “enemies” of offensive jihad. In this regard adherents of radical Islamism are quite often and fairly called takfirists-jihadi.


jihad, Islam, Islamism, Koran, radicalism, takfir.

DOI: 10.31249/rmw/2019.03.01

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