CURRENT ISSUE: 1/2024 (eng)

In This Issue:
Olga Kuznetsova, Alexey Kuznetsov. Russia’s Pivot to the Global South as a Factor of its Regional Development
Dmitry Efremenko. Consolidation of the World Majority: Expansion of the SCO and BRICS, its Significance for the Transformation of International Order and Geopolitics in the Near and Middle East
Vladimir Avatkov, Dmitry Evstafiev. Post-Soviet Eurasia in Global Geoeconomic Regionalization: First Outlines


1/2024 (rus)

In This Issue:
Dobaev I.P. Migration and the Problem of Enclavement of the Territories of the Russian Federation (Based on Materials from the Moslem Republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia)
Schensnovich V.N. Moslem educational centers in the Russian Federation
Kudayarov K.A. Activities of Non-Profit Organizations in The Kyrgyz Republic



Candidate of Historical Sciences Tatyana Kotyukova


Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences, RAS (INION)