“At Home Among Strangers”. Migrants in German Politics

Belinsky A.V.


The article examines the participation of various groups of migrants in the political life of Germany. It is noted that initially the authorities and politicians of Germany, which judged from the temporality of foreign workers’ stay in the country, were not interested in their social and political integration. However, the growth of the migrant community and the liberalization of legislation on citizenship made political parties change their position gradually. First, the Union 90/Greens, and then the rest of the political parties, began to work actively with various groups of migrants. Nevertheless, the number of citizens of Germany with∗ migrant roots among the deputies of the Bundestag or in senior positions in the government machine is still relatively small, which is explained by a number of factors (isolation of the migrant community, prejudice in society, miscalculations of the party leadership).


Germany, migrants, integration policy, CDSS / CSU, SPD, “Union 90 / Greens.”

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2021.04.10

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