Problems of Politics in the Context of the Newspaper As-Salam Readers' Interests

Abdulagatov Z.M.


The article presents the main results of a sociological survey conducted by the author among the readers of the As-Salam newspaper, popular in Russia and abroad. The main purpose of the article is to show the peculiarities of readers' informational interest in covering political processes in general, their relations to issues of Islamic political activity, in particular. It follows from the text that the readers of the newspaper have a low level of interest in the issues of Islamic political activity. At the same time, there is an interest on their part in political processes in general, especially those taking place abroad. The results of the survey give grounds to the conclusion that believers want to see religion not as a political force, but as a spiritual support.


As-Salam; newspaper; readers; readers' interest; political processes; Islam; Russia; Moslem countries; rubric.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.02.02

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