The Caucasian Macroregion in the Crosshairs of Geopolitical Tensions

Dobaev I.P.


The article examines the geopolitical processes in and around the Caucasian macroregion, identifies the interests of the world and regional centers of power in the Caucasus in historical retrospect and at the present stage. The significance of the region for Russia in the past centuries and at the present time is analyzed. The dynamics of foreign and domestic policy in the post-Soviet period of sovereign and partially recognized states of the South Caucasus is considered. Groups of conflict-causing factors in the North Caucasus are identified, the role of the federal center in overcoming them is determined.


Abkhazia; Azerbaijan; Armenia; Georgia; South Ossetia; Russia; North Caucasus; Islamism; geopolitics; geopolitical processes.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.03.03

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