Islamic Studies of the South of Russia (To the Centenary of the Birth of the Soviet and Russian Scientist Yuri A. Zhdanov)

Dobaev I.P.


The article is dedicated to the memory of Yuri A. Zhdanov.

The article dwells upon the role of a prominent Soviet / Russian scientist and politician Yuri A. Zhdanov in the formation and development of fundamental and applied Islamic studies in the South of Russia. The author makes reference to the names of Russian and Soviet scientists who made a significant contribution to this scientific direction, the names of those researchers who continued Islamic studies in Russia and its Southern region in the post-Soviet period. Readers' attention is focused on conflict-generating characteristics associated with the ideological doctrine and political practice of the carriers of the provisions of the so-called “Pure Islam.” In conclusion, it is said that in order to counter radical Islamists more effectively, it is necessary to step up efforts in the field of fundamental and applied Islamic studies, which requires help and support of the state.


jihad, Zhdanov Yu.A., Islam, Islamism, Islamic studies, southern Russia.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2019.03.01

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