IRAN: FOREIGN POLICY. Analytical review

Schensnovich V.


In the twentieth century the emergence of “triple alliances” with the participation of Iran has become traditional in Asia. Islamic foreign policy has been significantly influenced by Islamization, geopolitization and globalization. The Islamic component of the “neither West nor East” principle was implemented in Iran’s “third way” policy as an alternative to alliances under the flag of one of the superpowers. For the modern world, the strategic partnership of Iran and Russia in the field of international and national security is important. The cooperation of our countries in Syria is considered by researchers as a factor of consolidating peace and security in the Middle East region.


“triple alliances”, “RIC triangle”, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Russia, Syria, USA, terrorism, cooperation and strategic partnership of the Russian Federation and Iran, “soft power”, “hybrid wars”, security, strategic stability.

DOI: 10.31249/rmw/2019.04.03

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