Analysis of the Most Visited Islamic Websites in Uzbekistan

Abdullaeva M.Z.


In the age of digital technology, the study of Islamic websites that satisfy religious questions of the population online and in Uzbek is as relevant as ever. The article analyzes the educational activities of Islamic websites of the domain “uz.“ Sites such as “,“, ““ were selected for the analysis. It was applied the comparative method in the analysis of the educational activities of these sites. At the same time, there were provided such criteria as compliance with the requirements of user ergonomics, as well as optimization of sites according to technical requirements. In the service of this aim, it was used the method of statistical processing of information of the most relevant topics, taking into account the requirements of the Uzbek-speaking audience. As a result, the educational activities of Islamic websites of Uzbekistan were estimated.


religion, cyberspace, the Internet, domain “uz”, “”, “”, “”.

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