The Turkish Community in Germany: The Islamic Factor

Pogorelskaya S.V.


The Turkish community in Germany is well structured,has its own organizations and unions, maintains contacts with Turkey,and is represented in German political parties. From a civilian point of view, Turks are immeasurably integrated into German society better than people from other Moslem countries. However, the full integration of the Turkish population into German society depends on the degree of integration of Islam professedby them. And its integration is obstructed by the fact that both major religious unions are inextricably linked with Turkey. Is it possible to solve the problem? In the article, after a brief overview of the civil situation of the Turkish community, it is supposed to investigate to what extent its activities today are determined by the religious factor,what influence it has on its position in German society andto what extent, in cooperation with the institutions of the state,it manages to solve practical issues of the life of Turkish Moslems in Germany.


internal politics of Germany; Turkish community; Turkish Sunnis; DITIB; Islam in the EU.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.04.09

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