The Fifth Anniversary of the Mass Exodus of the Rohingya From Myanmar

Simonia A.A.


The article provides a retrospective analysis of the emergence of the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. The historical part describes the historyof the appearance of this people on the territory of colonial Burma and their further fate in a young independent state, where they were legally deprived of the right to citizenship. The author pays special attention to radicalization of a certain part of this people, which led to the mass exodus of the Rohingya from Myanmar in August 2017, and the initiation of a genocide case against Myanmar in the UN International Court of Justice. The author concludes that even five years later, the Rohingya crisis is a problem that no one can solve. The situation is also complicated due to the political crisis in Myanmar itself due to the military coup in February 2021, so the repatriation of refugees is postponed for an indefinite future.


Burma / Myanmar; Bangladesh; Rohingya refugees; state Rakhine (Arakan); Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army; Arakan Army; the International Court of Justice of the United Nations.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.04.08

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