Lebanon: Problems of the Former “Middle East Switzerland”

Bibikova O.P.


The once flourishing country is experiencing a severe economicand financial crisis, which is the result of the criminal activities of the oligarchic elite, representing several corrupt clans that head the country's confessional communities. Since the late 1970s, Lebanon has been experiencing a protracted crisis, which poses a serious threat to the stability of the State. But this is one of the most educated countries in the Middle East, with an advantageous geographical and strategic position, amazing nature,fertile lands. However, the time when Lebanon was called "Middle Eastern Switzerland" has passed. The country used to be the main financial center of the Middle East, now it has become a place where the interests of different peoples and states collided. However, the Lebanese consider their elite the culprits of the current plight of the country's economy.


financial and economic crisis; unemployment; inflation; refugees; corruption of the ruling elite.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.04.06

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