Environmental Policy in Kyrgyzstan (on the Example of the BIOM Movement)

Kudayarov K.A.


In recent years, issues related to climate change and its consequences have become more relevant not only within countries and regions, but also on a global scale. The environmental agenda has become one of the main topics discussed by many world leaders and various international organizations. Understanding the inevitability of an environmental catastrophe and unwillingness to aggravate its consequences has led to the formationof powerful institutions engaged in the analysis of existing environmental problems and the search for solutions. This trend has not bypassed the state Central Asia, representing the geographical area most susceptible to negative climatic changes. Environmental organizations and movements existing in the region, which arepioneers in the consideration of environmental issues, actively cooperate withinthe framework of various expert platforms. A big role in highlighting the problem are playing the informational and educational components used by NGOs, promoting the ideas of caring for nature and ecology through educational organizations. In this regard, it is appropriate to analyzethe activities of one of the most successful environmental movements – BIOM, operating in Kyrgyzstan.


ecological organization; BIOME; publication; monograph; manual.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.04.04

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