Ethnic and Сonfessional in Islam: Is “True Islam” So Religiously Pure?

Dobaev I.P.


Since the 1980s of the 20 century ideology, and then the practice of the so-called “Pure Islam” began, under external influence, to sneak actively to the territory of Russia. Its adherents entered into irreconcilable confrontation with the supporters of traditional Islam and it resulted in the emergence and development of religious and political extremism and terrorism under the guise of Moslem beliefs. In this regard, it seems relevant to find out whether the so-called “pure Islam,” free from the influence of ethnicity and traditional values really exists.


Wahhabism, Islam, Islamism, Pan-Turkism, traditional Islam, Turkism, “pure Islam”, ethnos.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2020.04.01

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