Demographic and Migration Situation in Russia During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Condensed abstract

Schensnovich V.N.


1. Alexey Kashepov. Epidemiological Transition Theory and the Demographic Situation in Russia in 2020 // Modern Science, 2020. № 7–1. P. 42–50.
2. Sergey Ryazantsev, Zafar Vazirov, Farzona Garibova. “Stranded on the Borders” between Russia and the Homeland: Migrants from Central Asia Countries During the COVID-19 pandemic // Scientific Review. Series 1. Economics and Law, 2020, № 3. P. 45–58.


Russia, population reproduction, mortality, preliminary assessment of the situation in 2020, pandemic, COVID-19, coronavirus, Central Asia, migration, labor migrants, educational migration, border regions.

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