Historical and Religious Heritage of Iran and Social Policy of the Country at the Present Time. Condensed abstract

Schensnovich V.N.


1. Maslakova-Clauberg Natalia I. Iran Opening up to the World: Historical and Religious Heritage // Vestnik Diplomaticheskoj akademii MID Rossii. Rossiya i mir, 2019. – № 2 (20). – P. 171–187.
2. Mamedova Nina M. The Role of Social Policy in a Culturally Complex Society Management (the Case Study of Iran) // Vestnik Instituta vostokovedeniya RAN, 2020. – № 1 (11). – P. 255–271.


historical and religious heritage of Iran, Zoroastrianism, Islamic world, Sunnis and Shiites, Nawruz, Judaism, Christianity, the Islamic Revolution of 1979, modern social policy of the country, Islamic government, Islamic foundations, waqfs.

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