“Euroislam” and the Problem of Adaptation of the Muslim Diaspora in the EU

Ostanin-Golovnya V.D.


The article deals with the phenomenon of «Euro-Islam» in the context of the problem of adaptation of Moslem diasporas in the countries of the European Union. A comparative analysis of two author's concepts of modern Islamic liberalism, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan, who in their works offer alternative approaches to the development of the EU migration policy is proposed. Particular attention in this article is paid to the comparison of multiculturalism, cultural pluralism and the traditional Islamic division of the world within the framework of the ideological and value approach.


Euro-Islam; multiculturalism; migration; European Union; Tibi; Tariq Ramadan; religious factor; ideological and value approach.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2023.03.09

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