The Situation in Ukraine During the SMO of Russia Through the Prism of the Middle Eastern Media

Zinin Yu.N.


The article is devoted to the analysis and evaluation of the events around Ukraine in the Middle Eastern means of communication, both governmental and conditionally independent after the start of the SMO. The author analyzes the responses and reactions in the media and the virtual space, which to a certain extent indicate the search for ways to fix their attitude to the Ukrainian dossier without pressure from the West, primarily the United States. The unwillingness of the leaders of the countries of the region to be drawn into the political games under the slogans of democracy conducted by the West around Ukraine and to distance themselves from supporting it in this conflict is obvious. This approach is determined by the national interests of the states and elites of the Middle East, which are realized in the light of new realities in the region and at the global level. The materials of the local mass media, the author concludes, indicate that with the ambiguity of the positions of countries regarding the Ukrainian dossier, in the Arab world there is a request that Russia maintain its role as an alternative partner here in the fields of politics, economics, and international affairs in general.


Russia; SMO; Ukraine; Kyiv; Arabs; Middle East; media; communications; reaction.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2023.03.02

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