The Emergence and Development of the Radical Islamist Movement in Central Asia: Causes, Internal and External Factors of Feeding

Dyachenko V.G.


The article concentrates on the conditions and causes of the emergence of the radical Islamist movement in Central Asia. A historical digression with statistical data allows you to track the trajectory of the ideology of radical Islam development on the territory of the states of the region. The increasing activity of radical organizations, movements and groupings is proved on the basis of the information provided. The article also describes a number of external and internal factors fueling the radical Islamist movement in Central Asia, special attention is paid to its subjects and instruments of their influence. The impact of feeding factors on the religious and political situation in the countries of the region continues to be relevant to the present.


Islam; radical Islam; Central Asia; international security; terrorist threat; extremism.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2023.02.05

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