Turkey's Grand Strategy in the Process of Global Changes. Analytical review

Kudayarov K.A.


Murat Eshiltas (Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey) and Ferhat Pirincci (Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey) argue that the Americans' deliberate weakening of the foundations of the American-centric international order, in which there is no formation of a new world order, leads to competition between great powers, thus causing international turbulence. A new geopolitical reality is being formed, in which both new opportunities and new threats appear. Given the fact that, in fact, the capabilities of various actors in international relations vary greatly, including in terms of crisis management, only a small number of participants will be able to quickly adapt to new conditions. At the same time, the authors predict an increase in the geopolitical and economic confrontation between the United States and China, which, ultimately, can only lead to mutual weakening and greater balance of the world order. The international system is faced with a situation of transition: when the old system is collapsing, but the new one has not yet appeared. Whatever it was, the current situation looks like a «window of opportunity» for Turkey. Therefore, Turkey should draw up a comprehensive roadmap for itself in the politics of the transforming world.


Turkey; Middle East; geopolitics; Grand Strategy; security.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2022.03.08

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