On the Problems of Training Imams in the EU (on the Example of Germany)

Pogorelskaya S.V.


With the growth of Muslim diasporas in a number of EU states, coupled with the radicalization of the Islamic world after the end of the era of bloc confrontation, the relationship between the religious life of Muslim diasporas and the internal rules of a constitutional democratic state has become an increasingly pressing political problem for these countries. The unpredictability of imams, who often came to mosques from abroad and were funded from there, was a significant risk factor for stability, and especially for integration of diasporas into civil society was that of. Therefore, the most important domestic political task of European states with significant Muslim communities is the training of Muslim clergy themselves. The article discusses the related problems and difficulties on the example of Germany.


Islam in the EU; Islam in Germany; Islamic unions in the EU; imams’ Islamic theology.

DOI: 10.31249/rimm/2023.04.09

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